Number of staked ATOM tokens bonded reduced by less than 2% while the number of new deligators reduced by about 14%.

The highest fee per block peaked at 0.1 ATOM with transfer volume increasing slightly by 6.67%.

The top 10 validators hold over 47.45% of the voting power.The number of active validators has increased to 150.

Proposal 56

Proposal 56 was a governance proposal to add the IBC router directly to the hub. The proposal received a turn of above fifty percent with ninety nine percent voting yes.

  • Proposal 54

Proposal 54 was to increase the number of active validators to 150 in the Cosmos Hub. The last update was done in 2019, this proposal was important to the hub in enhancing decentralization. The proposal received a turnout slightly above forty one percent with ninety nine percent voting yes.

  • Terra columbus-5 update is now live.

Columbus-5 affords the Terra ecosystem new dimensions to better capture value, move assets across IBC-enabled chains, and provide the groundwork for a thriving TeFi economy. The transition from Columbus-4 to Columbus-5 is significantly Terra’s most daring and substantial mainnet upgrade since the Terra protocol’s launch.

  • Juno mainnet launch to bring smart contracts to Cosmos.

Juno is a sovereign public blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, aims to provide a sandbox environment for the deployment of such interoperable smart contracts. The network serves as a decentralized, permission-less & censorship resistant avenue for developers to efficiently and securely launch application specific smart contracts using proven frameworks. Juno genesis tokens were airdropped to Atom deligators at stargate upgrade.

  • DAO launches XCT token rewards

Good news for the holders of these tokens: Cosmos, Secret Network, Akash Network, Kava Labs, Band Protocol.. If you are the holder of one of these cryptocurrencies, then you have the opportunity to receive rewards in XCT with over 15+% APY in XCT for staking one of these currencies through our nodes on top of your regular staking rewards. Here’s a guide :

  • E-Money Migrate to mainnet V3 to enable IBC

E-money mainnet V3 migration enabled Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol to the Cosmos Hub and bridge e-Money network to the Osmosis AMM DEX. -Money protocol is built for the issuance of a range of interest-bearing currency-backed stablecoins reflecting various world currencies. Each token is backed by a reserve of assets denominated in its underlying currency.

  • “ I see a future where all major ecosystems will bridge to each other. If you imagine blockchain ecosystems are like cities, there are so many advantages to building roads b/w cities to allow users to come over “

@zcpeng on @defislate: #IBC and the @cosmos multi chain future.

🎙DeFi By Design EP #50: What is Cosmos?

About Cosmos

Cosmos Network tries to solve some of the “hardest problems” the blockchain industry faces. Scalability — Tendermint BFT is a byzantine fault-tolerant consensus engine that powers Cosmos Proof-of-Stake instead of slow, expensive, unscalable, and environmentally harmful Proof-of-Work protocols.

Complexity — Cosmos SDK is a modular framework for building interoperable, application-specific blockchains that makes interactions with blockchain for developers less complicated and difficult. Interoperability — Interblockchain Communication protocol makes it easier for blockchain networks to communicate with each other — preventing fragmentation in the industry.

About is a non-custodial Proof-of-Stake platform for the management and storage of crypto assets. Users can create public addresses for all supported networks with one seed phrase, connect their Ledger or Trezor device, or import an address generated by another wallet.

The analytical dashboard provides relevant information on wallets’ balances and networks’ main metrics. In, we standardize the semantics, making interactions with the platform as easy as possible. The same goes for network metrics. By using universal terms, we are making it easier for users to understand and compare networks.

One of the main functions of the platform is participation in the PoS consensus — users can stake and delegate their assets, claim rewards, and follow the latest network proposals in the voting tab. offers its users instant cryptocurrency exchange services that allow fast and secure crypto assets swap. It is also possible to buy and sell crypto with a credit or debit card. users can track rewards, withdrawals, transfers, and deposits across all supported networks and add comments to these transactions.

Among PoS platforms, supports BAND network ($BAND) Secret Network ($SCRT), Cosmos ($ATOM), ICON ($ICX), IOST ($IOST), KAVA ($KAVA), BSC and Tezos ($XTZ). We also support Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether ($USDT) for our users’ convenience. Mobile and desktop versions, new networks, including Polkadot are scheduled for the upcoming updates. Furthermore, delving into the idea of true decentralization, we envision a decentralized autonomous organization and a genuinely community-owned platform in the nearest future.

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