Every day, we on the Citadel.one team strive to make the experience of our users better and to quickly address any emerging problem. Here is the list of bugs we fixed on the way from Citadel 1.0 to Citadel 2.0.

1. [Import ledger] The wallet can’t be added if the derivation path is provided. The bug was fixed for all supported networks.

2. [Private key] Private keys of some addresses are not displayed in the export settings. The bug was fixed for all supported networks.

3. There is an error when the user changes their address to alias when adding…

XCT is Citadel.one’s native token. It is a utility token, whose governance is a smart-contract, built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). In Citadel we value the financial and network security of our users, thus we added Ledger support for XCT!

Follow this simple guide to add your Citadel.one wallet from Ledger to the platform.

Important note for Windows users

Unfortunately, Ledger libraries are poorly suited for Windows. We faced some challenges integrating Ledger for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers on Windows. To access Binance Smart Chain on the Ledger hardware wallet with Citadel.one users need to activate the Experimental feature…

We are happy to introduce the long-anticipated Citadel.one v2.0 to our users! As you might have noticed before from our tweets, mock-ups, sneak peeks, and teasers, v2.0 is expected to bring more enhanced functionality to Citadel.one platform with better UI, UX, more analytics tools, and a better overall crypto experience.

Citadel.one is a non-custodial platform. It means we have no control over your private keys — they are fully stored in your web browser. This is why it is very important to always have a backup file of your wallets.

The backup file is a document containing encryption of the private keys to all of your wallets on Citadel.one. Stored in a safe place, wallet backup can protect your assets in case of computer or software failure and help to retrieve your funds in the event of damage, loss, or theft of the device.

This option is also quite convenient…

Citadel.one has recently transformed into a DAO, when governance and voting are live you will be shaping the future of our platform! This is why we decided to make this article for our users and delegators, go through the basic concepts, examples and terminology, introduce governance advantages and disadvantages and give you some guidelines and advices! So, let’s get started!

We’re continuing with our Crypto 101 series of articles. Today’s topic is Blockchain governance. What is it and why do we need it? Let’s start with some basic concepts and terminology.


A blockchain is a network of immutably approved transactions…

$XCT is a utility token, whose governance is a smart-contract, built on the Binanace Smart Chain (BEP20). The high APY of $XCT and unflinching reward mechanism makes it highly demanded in the market, hence a comprehensive article on its purchase is necessary.

$XCT and its high utility function makes it ideal for other CEX and DEX exchange listings. Our token is currently listed on Pancakeswap and MEXC Global and in this article we will show you how to buy $XCT using both of these exchanges.



Be sure to double-check the address. It should be the same as…

Hello dear Citadel.one users, delegators and holders!

We know you’ve been waiting a lot for the XCT rewards distribution for staking to our nodes across different networks. We are happy to inform you that the claiming feature will be activated today, so all users will be able to claim and then stake their rewards for these juicy >700% rewards!

In this mini article we would like to explain to you what stands behind XCT rewards distribution delay and how rewards will be recalculated.

First of all we have received the smart contract audit report right before launching the platform. We…

In this article, we will show you how to stake $XCT via Citadel.one platform.

Future XCT holders are recommended to stake their tokens to become Citadel.one Governance Members. Even if all XCT in circulation are staked it will still be an APY of ~960% from day one! As soon as all pools are closed and tokens are fully redeemed, users will be able to stake XCT tokens on Citadel.one platform and get these insane APY! Keep in mind that this APY won’t last long. The more tokens at stake, the less APY is. Hurry up and don’t miss the chance…

We congratulate all Citadel.one users on the day of the token launch! The launch of DAO brings a lot of changes to our platform every day. Of course, all these changes are aimed at improving the user experience and increasing the efficiency of your investments.

In this regard, we have good news for the holders of 8 cryptocurrencies integrated into our platform: Cosmos, Secret Network, Akash Network, Kava Labs, Band Protocol, Tezos, IOST and ICON.

Last phase before you become the first XCT holder and get a chance to take part in community driven node ownership and profit share!

Future XCT holders are recommended to stake their tokens to become Citadel.one Governance Members. Even if all XCT in circulation are staked it will still be an APY of ~960% from day one!

Learn more about Citadel.one, check our Whitepaper, Presentation and Tokenomics on citade.one/docs.

Now about how to get your desired $XCT tokens from Ignition Launchpad.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Ignition KYC process is being handled by a third party provider, Synaps.io. In order to start the KYC-process, please…


Citadel is a multi-asset non-custodial platform for the management and storage of crypto assets

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