Сitadel.one Feature Overview: Fetch.ai

4 min readApr 30


What is Fetch.ai?

Fetch.ai is a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab building an open-access decentralized machine learning network for smart infrastructure and autonomous services. The idea behind the project is to enable anyone to access AI and ML technologies without technical expertise or centralized intermediaries. In short, Fetch.ai is an AI network for blockchains.

What is $FET?

$FET is the native Fetch.ai token and the primary medium of exchange within the Fetch.ai ecosystem.

In this article, we will show you the functionality available for $FET on app.citadel.one

Non-Custodial One-Seed Wallet

Citadel.one enables users to create addresses for all integrated networks, including Fetch.ai, with a one-seed phrase. Thus, there is no need to store multiple seeds for various wallets.

Note: We are a non-custodial platform, meaning that we do not store your private keys, and you have full custody of them. Therefore, your funds are always under your complete control.

Hardware Wallets Support

All $FET holders can connect their hardware wallets to Citadel.one to get the best of both worlds.

Other Public Addresses Support

Regardless of whether it was created on the platform or not, Citadel.one supports all $FET public addresses. This feature allows users to keep track of any public wallet they want.


Multi-node delegation: delegate your assets to multiple nodes.

Redelegation: redelegate your tokens from one validator to another.

Unstaking with the countdown: a countdown timer helps to determine when your tokens will be unstaked.

Swap $FET on Osmosis DEX

You can use the Osmosis DEX right inside our platform. This makes using the exchange much more secure as you do not leave the app.citadel.one interface.

Create Custom Lists

A very handy feature if you have multiple addresses in different networks. You can create custom lists, assign names to your addresses, and choose your favorite ones.

Sign Up/In With Social Media

Users can access the Citadel.one platform using their social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple ID, or Google.

Analytical Dashboard

Tracking asset status with graphical metrics and visual statistics is available for Fetch.ai and other networks.

IBC Transfer

IBC transfers are available on Citadel.one for $FET holders. To bridge assets, open your FET address and click “Send”. Then press “Bridge”.

Transaction History

All transactions are conveniently sorted and easy to track. You can add comments to them, review transaction fees, and the amount of time it took to conduct a transaction. You also can be redirected to explorer. No single transaction will ever be lost.

Network Metrics

This feature allows you to see all important metrics like trading volume, inflation, and staking ratio. Here you will also find links to the official website, explorer, and social media of the network.

Rewards Page

Track your rewards throughout all your added wallets. Set a custom timeframe.

To learn more about Fetch.ai visit their official website.

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